if you would like further information about any of the video services shown below please contact a member of the Medical Illustration team on 01274 365160

Clinical Video

image showing clinical videoAs part of our video service, we offer a clinical video recording package that complements our photography service.

Video is essential for documenting conditions that effect a patient’s movements and mobility, and improves the ability to assess this without having the patient present. This is ideal if a clinician requires a second opinion from a colleague in another centre.

We can film either in our studio or on location depending on your requirements.

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Teaching Video

Image of video being recordedOur team can offer you a video package to suit your needs as a mentor to your juniors and students or your clients.

Whether it’s to show a clinical procedure in theatre or demonstrate day to day workings in your service or a patient education film, we can meet your requirements with our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise.

These digital videos can then be distributed online, on DVD or via email as you require.

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Promotional Video

image of young woman with video cameraOur team also offer a complete video production package for promotional use, such as short clips for websites and longer films for DVD and download.

If you want to make your website modern and exciting, a short video clip showing what you do can make the world of difference to your potential customers. Seeing with their own eyes your facilities in use and members of your staff talking to them can reassure them and impress them in ways that still pictures cannot.

Giving your customers a DVD instead of a brochure can also have similar advantages; they are more likely to give a DVD their full attention than paper-based promotional material.

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Video Duplication

photograph showing video editing/duplicationIf you have some old tapes or footage that you would like to keep but update to the modern formats, we have a copy service that can transfer these to DVD or individual files for whatever uses you require – such as PowerPoint or online viewing.

We can also overdub footage in various languages, edit sequences for you and add titles and menus on DVD.

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